The research: Delivering the right drug at the right time


Professor David Waugh

Research Director

David’s primary research interest lies in understanding the importance of inflammatory signals and how they contribute to the initiation and progression of prostate cancers. His work has determined the importance of specific inflammatory chemokine proteins in underpinning the aggressive behaviour of a major population of prostate cancer. Current research is focusing on how inhibiting these signals may constitute new opportunities to improve outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Associate Professor Sally-Anne Stephenson

Research LEAD

Sally-Anne leads the Protein Ablation Cancer Therapeutics Group at QUT. Her research focusses on how cancers use proteins to fuel their growth.  She is working on small molecule drugs that target these proteins for removal from the cancer cell. This novel approach will potentially provide several new drugs to include in our treatment portfolio against prostate cancer.


Research LEAD

Mohanan is a PhD candidate working with Sally to understand proteins as useful targets for new anti-cancer drugs.


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